Little known truths about Physiotherapy

  • With uncomplicated fractures, you can start exercises whilst in plaster so you need less physiotherapy once the plaster is removed.
  • The first time you experience a bad back due to lifting/bending seek help from a physiotherapist immediately, to avoid repeated, prolonged episodes. Once you understand the cause of your pain, self management is the best way forward.
  • Who would have thought that physiotherapy can help with migraines, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome?
  • Early physiotherapy intervention with toe deformities (bunions and hammer toe) can help to prevent surgery.
  • As with most things, the longer a problem is left the more difficult it is to treat.
  • Many physical problems in later life can be traced back to traumas such as whiplash in earlier life. Therefore, all whiplash injuries, however minor, should be treated by a physiotherapist to avoid problems in the future.
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